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She was taken back to the pediatrician and doctors quickly realized how dehydrated she was.Wryn was sent straight to the emergency room where doctors ordered blood tests and examined her vitals, which her father explained were 'very bad.' She was then admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU).'There was a moment when I picked her up, and about 30 seconds later she stopped breathing in my arms.But this would be a problematic solution for many reasons.First, nobody can donate an organ until they reach 18.That means Wryn's sister could not be tested to see if she was a match.Instead, if they wanted a child-sized kidney, it would have to be taken from a donor who is brain dead - meaning the kidney would likely be in a worse condition and may not last as long.A two-year-old girl with a rare kidney disease was saved when she received a transplant from her 62-year-old grandmother.Wryn Graydon, who lives in Moody, Alabama, was diagnosed with congenital nephrotic syndrome, a rare kidney disease, when she was two months old.

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Initially doctors assumed she had a cold, gave her medicine, and sent her on her way.Family members lined up to get tested, and doctors eventually found that Wryn's grandmother Carol was a perfect match, despite the 60-year age difference.After a double nephrectomy to remove the problematic kidneys and 20 months on dialysis, Wryn finally received her new kidney on July 13.Then, at four months old, she was placed on dialysis.'She had a catheter that we could change, so luckily, after three months in the hospital, we were able to take her home.

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